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About batteries

Different battery operated products require different types of batteries for optimum efficiency.  Below is a summary of the most common household batteries.

Rechargeable batteries are better for the environment.  The initial outlay is a bit high, but cost effective for items such as cameras, remote controlled cars etc.  These batteries are more suited to high draining items.

Alkaline and Carbon Zinc batteries are general purpose batteries, and cannot be recycled.  Alkaline are regarded as “high energy batteries”, and have a longer lifespan.  They are more suited for toys, torches, cameras, and other items that have a high drainage capacity.  Carbon Zinc batteries are perfect for low draining items such as remotes, clocks etc.

Lithium batteries are most suited to watches, cameras, hand-held games, wireless alarm equipment.

Our products that require batteries are low draining, and the batteries will last for many hours.

Remember to be a responsible battery user – dispose of used batteries at a recycling centre…batteries are destructive in landfill!

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